Monday, June 22, 2009

Underwear Dress Code

Did anybody spot the following news story:

"A Florida city has written common sense into its employee dress code: Wear underwear to work.

The Brooksville city council recently approved a revised dress code as part of its effort to update existing policies.

The revision instructs employees to observe "strict personal hygiene," including the use of deodorant. It lists "the observable lack of undergarments and exposed undergarments" as "unacceptable attire."

It also prohibits clothing with foul language or messages promoting drug use, "sexually provocative" garments, halter tops and piercings anywhere except the ears."

Suggestions please concerning inspection regimes, as in what methods of observation are appropriate, and suitable disciplinary measures for transgressors.


  1. Yes, I read that. now how are they going to know about those "other" piercings?

    Oh, right, the clanking and jingling will give them away.


  2. To hear the clanking and jingling, someone would have to be employed, presumably, to pick employees up and shake them. An alternative technique, posted on BDSMIreland in reply to the same question, described a Scottish Highlander regimental Sargent who checked uniform compliance with a mirror on the end of a golf club.