Friday, July 3, 2009

Open Crotch Drawers

In my last Nimhneach post, I described B's period petticoat and drawers. The drawers were made from a pattern obtained on the Internet, suitably modified. I think they looked sweet and, as I described in my post, the ribbons in the legs are interchangeable, allowing different colour matches.

B also made the petticoat and adorned the hem with some lovely lace we bought on a visit to SF last year. However, to appreciate the drawers properly, the petticoat must be removed. This only happened later in the night, so we repeated the effect in the photoshoot for this blog (lest anyone think I was so crass as to even consider trying to take pictures at Nimh).

But, as I described, these are open between the legs, thus:

If, or rather when, required, the waistband can be drawn right back:

The period effect was completed by a sweet corset:

I am posting these pictures because it was quite dark at Nimhneach and some of these details weren't that visible, and I have followers who weren't there. We plan a similar effect, but in a more domestic maid theme, for July - so perhaps black ribbons for then.

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  1. I'm jealous, having wanted those bloomers for ages.. sigh. Perhaps one day.