Sunday, November 21, 2010

Three Little Maids From School

Last Sunday evening, we finally ran them to earth. Myself as year master, the Head of our school, and the Government Schools Inspector had spent the whole of our Sunday looking for them. We were responding to a report that three of the girls entrusted to our care had been seen by the staff at a remote hotel where all sorts of "adult" activities were taking place.

Scantily clad women were seen to be running up and down corridors, uniformed men observed to be comparing the heights and convenient features of the various chaises longues and other furniture dotted about the corridors. Yelps and sqeals were heard from private rooms and our contact had felt it necessary to avert her gaze from a disgraceful display of underwear in mixed company at the adjournment of dinner on the Saturday night.

Our girls had failed to return from a hockey match on the Saturday afternoon but, due to a misunderstanding that they had been accommodated at the school hosting the game, it was Sunday morning before their truancy came to light.

Myself and the Department of Education Inspector located two of the girls, Bandree and NGinBoots, but our Headmaster, MG, had rather more trouble running the third miscreant, one "Fluffy", to ground so we started without them.

The hotel management were able to put an unoccupied room at our disposal which, conveniently had a very wide double bed. This allowed both the girls to be placed at the footboard with plenty of room to spare for their co-conspirator to be accommodated as and when she graced us with her presence.

After a brief telling off, the two girls were forced head down to the bedcovers, and warmed up. NGinBoots's denim jeans, NOT regulation school issue, proved uncomfortable for my hands so they were pulled down in short order, followed not long after by her knickers. Bandree had lost her's earlier, heaven knows how, so by the time our Headmaster arrived with the errant Fluffy in tow, there were two very flushed bottoms being observed by the Education Inspector.

After the new girl joined her friends, they were placed in opposite corners, hands on head, to contemplate the amount of trouble they had caused all concerned on our day of rest, whilst we took turns in dealing with Fluffy with hand, strap and cane.

This calm scene was, however, repeatedly interrupted by NG who, it seems, does not know the meaning of silence. She whinged, complained, interrupted and, despite our best efforts with cane and Sam Brown, cheekily answered every slap.

The Inspector, noting her behaviour, then dropped his bombshell and, I suppose, revealed his genuine purpose in being there. Our school would not be immune to the budgetary cuts impacting the country at large. From the start of December, only one of our two posts would be funded and money could not be wasted on the salary of any teacher who would tolerate such insolent backchat from a girl whilst she was being caned. In his view, any girl who could keep up that sort of thing was not being properly punished.

Suffice to say, such a challenge did not go unanswered, and it was three very sore little maids who returned to our establishment later that night.

When returning the room key to the hotel manager afterwards, we discovered a possible explanation for Bandree's lack of underthings, and her yelping and apparent sensitivity to our ministrations. It transpired that she had been punished, along with members of a "school debating team" with whom she had ingratiated herself. They had all been caught that morning, at this very same hotel, obtaining alcoholic beverages at the bar using forged identity cards. There had been stern punishment at the hands of the staff of the other school. I trust that the knickers were lost at that time, although there is always the possibility they were missing already. I must check with her morning chastisers when next we meet.

The one piece of good news, we did so well that the Inspector decided to make his cutbacks at a neighbouring establishment.