Saturday, July 25, 2009

OUCH, OUch, Ouch, ouch, ..... ouch, OUCh!

Six of the best.

My lovely loyal Bandree responded obediently to my phone call yesterday morning.

"I'm able to finish early this afternoon. Drive into town, meet me at Stephen's Green. We're going to get those piercings done".

"All six?"


"In my outer labia?"

"Yes, of course. That's what I told you I wanted, to be able to thread ribbons through them to match your bloomers."

"Yes, sir."

And so, a couple of hours later, she's yelping as a nice man, albeit a stranger, is crouched in front of her thrown back skirt inserting six of the most delightful little silver rings in to her lips. I hadn't expected to be the person to be asked to show him where I wanted them to be inserted, there are still some aspects of this lifestyle I have to be reminded of. (That's similar to NGinBoots noticing my lower case knickname on Fetlife long before I did, AND NOT TELLING ME. That error has been hastily corrected.)

So its now the next morning, one nice saline bath later and she looks gorgeous. We're already speculating which of our vanilla friends might be similarly adorned.

I know I haven't posted about our Radical Ecstasy weekend, with Nimhneach as the interval act. Its not that I have nothing to say but rather that its taking quite a bit of digesting before I can write about it. I promise I'll get something up soon.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


In an earlier post, I described how B's availability is an important part of her voluntary submission. She will only wear knickers with my permission even for jobs which require trousers, or times of the month that need knickers, but I will either agree beforehand or she will wait for my reply to a text if I am at work. If I am at home, I will usually select which pair she will wear. This is not unreasonable, since I bought most of them.

Last night we attended our first Munch. It was an interesting opportunity to meet some of the faces and minds behind posts we have read or costumes we have admired at Nimhneach. We had already met some of the attendees and it was great to chat in a more wide ranging environment. Some of us even finished up in a well known night club at 3am, enjoying each other's company.

So, it was with surprise that, getting ready for bed later on, I realised that B was wearing knickers!

Nothing wrong with the knickers, as you can see. I had bought them and I know they look well on her. What was wrong was that we had got ready, together, earlier to go out, and I had been asked to comment on her (several) choices of skirt and top (NO, not that kind of top). Wearing knickers had never been mentioned.

The upshot, and I'm sorry if this is publically embarrassing for B, is that she was punished, at 4 am, with a short little strap, which is relatively silent but quite effective. Moreover, she has been told that any repeat will be dealt with using our heaviest cane.

The necessity for this post is that I had publically boasted on this blog of my pride in B's adherence to a code of conduct in which she would ask me before wearing knickers and I don't believe that I have ever unreasonably denied permission. So I interpret the decision to wear knickers to a Munch, without even asking me when I am standing 4 feet away, as a particularly brazen act of disobediance.

B does not disagree with this interpretation of our agreement. She accepted her punishment with humility and fully understands the consequences of any repeat transgression.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Punishment From a Top's Perspective.

This post is prompted by questions in a post of the same name by Eliane.

Whilst understanding what bottoms get from an "atoning" style punishment, as opposed to "role play", she was curious about what a top gets out of this type of encounter. Answering for myself, I had always found the prospect of spanking an attractive bottom (the body part as distinct from the person) exciting and erotic, and I still do. I confess to being one of those males who finds it hard to classify any bottom body part as unattractive.

However, much more recently, my wife discovered the whole concept of obedience in the service of love. The internet, without any doubt, was the medium of revelation. She is very well read and is an educated and wise person, but the web was the introduction to real alive individuals just like herself who had discovered domestic discipline as a helpful part of their relationships. It came as a dawning that you didn't have to start from a pre-established position in the world of kink, BDSM, polyamory and Fetlife to appreciate domestic discipline.

So, here was me, presented with a wife who was much more willing to offer her bottom for punishment. Don't misunderstand, she had never refused, but it was always in the context of slap and tickle foreplay. This was different. I was surprised that it wasn't easy for me. She would be stroppy and disproportionately annoyed about something. I would tip toe around the situation feeling that she might have had a point about housework or whatever, but that her reactions were out of scale. It was that core of "just cause" which inhibited me acting. Later she would recover, apologise and ask why I had not taken her in hand.

That last hyperlink is quite deliberate. Taken-in-hand was probably the first web revelation for both of us. Writers like Louise seemed to so closely reflect many of our dynamics. I learned that impetuous women actually like to be grounded by a masterful reference point. My wife now feels safer because of my ability to contain her, to protect her from the possibility self destruction. Physical punishment, when deserved rather than requested, brings such a mood change in its wake. Its as if her misbehaviour is the growing sultry headache laden buildup to a thunderstorm. Hers are the squalls of wind, the sudden hailstones, the disorganised unfocussed anger.

I must bring her lightning. An appropriate punishment must be intensely physical, sharp and directed. It helps me to direct my anger and disapproval. I can express myself without engaging in a smart alec clever debating war of words.

And afterwards, the clouds clear back, the sun comes out, she sings to herself, she's nice to be around again and I feel good.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First Timer Advice for Nimhneach

I recently posted a reply on Fetlife to a request regarding first time visits to Nimhneach, the monthly scene club night in Dublin. I felt that my status as only one extra visit removed from novice qualified me. For the benefit of any readers here, I repeat the post below.

I would endorse the suggestion of going to the meet & greet. We have only been twice, but we met up with the M&G organiser beforehand each time. If its who it was for us, you can't help but be relaxed. OK, even though it is vanilla dress, you can tell whose waiting to be met because they're lurking near the door, scanning every new entrant and, in our case, getting ready to bolt, and they're all carrying sports or shoulder bags like a dispossessed football team, but are otherwise in street clothes. There are changing facilities at Nimhneach, and a cloakroom within the venue (who are sympathetic to you retrieving your bag to add/remove items). Most people use those facilities.

Just one thing to be prepared for, the changing facilities are unisex (in the hairdressing sense), but you won't show or see anything that you're not going to show or see at Nimh anyway. You can always use one of the loos next door if your shy or want to make a grand entrance. Those facilities are all within the Nimh area and are not overseen by other venue attendees.

From our limited experience (two visits) I would say that Nimhneach is really cool, relaxed, inclusive. and respectful. From the meet & greet you go in a group, so at the ticket desk you can just say "the same again" and follow the previous person down the stairs. If you're carrying a shoulder bag with your gear, the much threatened security staff are happy and no, they don't ask you to spread it all out on a table like airport security.

Be brave and take the plunge,its only scary in a nice way.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Open Crotch Drawers

In my last Nimhneach post, I described B's period petticoat and drawers. The drawers were made from a pattern obtained on the Internet, suitably modified. I think they looked sweet and, as I described in my post, the ribbons in the legs are interchangeable, allowing different colour matches.

B also made the petticoat and adorned the hem with some lovely lace we bought on a visit to SF last year. However, to appreciate the drawers properly, the petticoat must be removed. This only happened later in the night, so we repeated the effect in the photoshoot for this blog (lest anyone think I was so crass as to even consider trying to take pictures at Nimh).

But, as I described, these are open between the legs, thus:

If, or rather when, required, the waistband can be drawn right back:

The period effect was completed by a sweet corset:

I am posting these pictures because it was quite dark at Nimhneach and some of these details weren't that visible, and I have followers who weren't there. We plan a similar effect, but in a more domestic maid theme, for July - so perhaps black ribbons for then.