Friday, June 5, 2009

Writing Lines

I recently had some discussion with Eliane about writing lines, so I thought I would post some lines of my own. I can't remember where I read about this, but somebody's blog suggested a technique for improving one's caning skills. The results, with B as the model, now adorn my banner (and are my Twitter tag).

The proposal was to require ones sub to wear black knickers, any knickers are something of a novelty for B nowdays. Applying chalk to the cane, rather like a snooker player, but laterally rather than end on, allowed the results of my efforts to be graphically displayed in real time. This is a distinct training improvement over waiting for the red and white tramlines to develop, film like, over the ensuing minutes.

This picture was of my first efforts using this training aid (an aid for me rather than her) and I was quite pleased with the results. There is something satisfyingly schoolroomish about black cotton knickers, canes and chalk, don't you think.


  1. Well done - greatly like the idea. :P Decorative as well.

  2. Wonderful idea that resulted in a fantastic picture. Bravo.

  3. oh gosh!

    I was wondering about that! and that low one looks quite ouchy!