Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Benefits of a Loose Skirt

I don't know how many other disciplining couples have discovered this, but we are definitely big fans of the nice swishy skirt.

Yes, a tightly denim wrapped buttock is certainly attention grabbing, and inviting to swat. But swat is about all you can do unless all geared up with toys and things. Most jeans have far too many rivets and studs to be comfortably hand spanked by a wimpy pain fearing top. But when you are required to wear a long flowing skirt, you can't complain when you are prohibited from wearing knickers, as B now is. To any outsider, this is modest demure apparel. But I know that I only have to come up beside my wife, caress the nape of her neck with my right hand, reach down with my other hand to heft the back of her skirt and bring my right hand, in a swinging arc, from neck to rump. If I drop her skirt again, it is all over in a flash, but she can still feel her bottom bare under the skirt and she knows it is instantly available to me again.

This availability is an important part of her voluntary submission. She will only wear knickers with my permission (there are some jobs which require trousers, or times of the month, that need knickers) but I will either agree before I go to work, or she will wait for my reply to a text if I am at work.

Don't misunderstand me, B has some lovely underwear, most of it bought by me. That was an earlier catharsis, as daunting as my first Nimhneach visit, my first solo trip to THAT part of the department store. It felt just like the famous Fr. Ted scene, distinctly kinky.

I know from several blogs that many women regard buying underwear, sexy or comfortable, as one of their indulgent private treats. My wife has adopted her submission to the point that she not only wears the knickers I choose for her, but she only wears them at the times of my choosing.

This is one of our beautiful shared intimacies, intimacies that keep us alert to our respective roles even when we are apart.


  1. Such fun on windy days I am sure

  2. Wow, you put that well. And this is one of the biggest and most attractive parts of D/s...the giving over of total control....

  3. I really like wearing the knickers that are chosen for me. It makes me feel sexy, yet wanted :)

  4. Skirts are very feminine, your wife must rejoice in her very masculine husband! (Except when she is naughty - or, perhaps, especially then!)