Sunday, June 14, 2009

This Hurt Me More Than It Hurt You

or - Don't Try This At Home

Woke up this morning with a really sore right hand. Painful knuckles and wrist with little stabbing sensations into the arm when I flexed my wrist. Tried to think what it could be. Definitely wasn't the pins and needles you get when you sleep on top of your hand and the nerves wake up as the blood flow returns.

When I got up, I thought the back of my right hand looked swollen and puffy and B confirmed that it was a darker red than the left. Then I remembered the playful spanking I had given B the night before. Because of our relative positions at the time, I had tried a few swats with the back of my hand.

B certainly had no after effects this morning and confirmed that they really didn't hurt much at the time. Well, they didn't hurt me much at the time, but its a different story this morning, and I don't think I'll type much more for a while.

You've heard of Tennis Elbow, well I've got Backhand Spanker's Wrist.


  1. I've often heard about that, in expressions like "I'll give you teh back of my hand" in old movies or TV shows. I never actually thought it was very doable.

    Seems I was wrong.


  2. Sorry, that should have been 'the'. I'm a terrible typist!

  3. Aww. Put some ice onto it and let your wife pamper you. ;-) That should help. Hope your hand gets better soon!

  4. Oh,I've never been spanked with the back of P's hand.


  5. Thanks for all your concern and sympathy, its not often a top gets that from a string of bottoms. It seems there was no lasting damage, a day or so later it felt pretty normal again.

    Ronnie, How do you know, are you always spanked between two mirrors? Perhaps P has a stronger back hand or is just braver at hiding the pain.

  6. Ha, sorry there's no sympathy from me. I take a particular delight in toppy types getting damaged when playing with me ;)

  7. hahahahahahahaha...sorry that was funny! I'm with EmmaJane...I had a good giggle...but am glad you are all better...really...

  8. E & S - Do I detect a gaggle of giggling girls at the back of the class? Careful, public ridicule of an injured top may invite public retribution.