Thursday, October 29, 2009

Edgy Play

When I came home this evening, my B was busy at the kitchen counter.

I made my greetings, chatted a little about our day and confirmed her compliance with some requests I had made and permissions we had negotiated by phone earlier when she had gone for a mid-afternoon nap.

Running my hand around the hem of her skirt, I lifted it clear of her buttocks, noting the tight smooth black knickers she was wearing. Regular readers maybe a little surprised, since I had previously posted a couple of times that such underwear is the exception for B, rather than the norm. This rule has been relaxed, however, whilst we are waiting for the final piercing to heal.

Her admition that she had not been as perfectly good today as she might have been, provoked the inevitable response and I swung the palm of my hand firmly down several times. It was only after six or so strokes that I realised that, whilst jiggling, jumping and squirming, she was still dicing an onion with a lethally sharp French steel knife.

Concensual maybe, not sure it was the sanest punishment I've ever delivered.


  1. I think that B should be spanked again, much harder for not flipping well putting the knife down!

  2. Thank you for pointing out the bleedin' obvious. I must be losing my razor-like wit and need to hone my cutting retorts.

    Why didn't I think of that at the time - trust a bottom to notice.

  3. Ah, us bottoms always look out for each other (for this read "find ways to drop each other in it".)

  4. Gee thanks a lot Eliane! He may take you up on that one pretty sharpish....
    It was the onions that brought tears to my eyes anyway....

    grins! by Bandree

  5. I've actually requested of Chris several times that he see I'm doing in the kitchen before he starts smacking, even in play. You know, I've been bent over a hot oven, holding fragile glass, handling knives (like Bandree)... but I know, it's really easy to only see panties and bottom. Or bottom.


  6. Serenity, Yep, most Tops have tunnel vision, and the light at the end of it is usually a glowing buttock or two.