Sunday, July 12, 2009


In an earlier post, I described how B's availability is an important part of her voluntary submission. She will only wear knickers with my permission even for jobs which require trousers, or times of the month that need knickers, but I will either agree beforehand or she will wait for my reply to a text if I am at work. If I am at home, I will usually select which pair she will wear. This is not unreasonable, since I bought most of them.

Last night we attended our first Munch. It was an interesting opportunity to meet some of the faces and minds behind posts we have read or costumes we have admired at Nimhneach. We had already met some of the attendees and it was great to chat in a more wide ranging environment. Some of us even finished up in a well known night club at 3am, enjoying each other's company.

So, it was with surprise that, getting ready for bed later on, I realised that B was wearing knickers!

Nothing wrong with the knickers, as you can see. I had bought them and I know they look well on her. What was wrong was that we had got ready, together, earlier to go out, and I had been asked to comment on her (several) choices of skirt and top (NO, not that kind of top). Wearing knickers had never been mentioned.

The upshot, and I'm sorry if this is publically embarrassing for B, is that she was punished, at 4 am, with a short little strap, which is relatively silent but quite effective. Moreover, she has been told that any repeat will be dealt with using our heaviest cane.

The necessity for this post is that I had publically boasted on this blog of my pride in B's adherence to a code of conduct in which she would ask me before wearing knickers and I don't believe that I have ever unreasonably denied permission. So I interpret the decision to wear knickers to a Munch, without even asking me when I am standing 4 feet away, as a particularly brazen act of disobediance.

B does not disagree with this interpretation of our agreement. She accepted her punishment with humility and fully understands the consequences of any repeat transgression.

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