Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Abel & Haron Moment

Here we both are having a short holiday in the exciting, ever so slightly raunchy, opinionated city of Barcelona. We knew before we arrived that it had a pretty serious reputation for street crime and, in particular, subway crime.

So, arriving into the city from the airport, we were on our guard when we entered the Metro for the short journey to our apartment. Climbing the first set of steps from the underpass to our platform, we are overtaken by a group of obvious students, couple of blokes and 5 or 6 girls, all chattering and laughing amongst themselves. One of the blokes attempted to help me with the case I was carrying. I declined, but he was persistent and friendly. My suspicions were aroused but, as we arrived on the platform, they all headed to a door further down the last carriage of the train, which was already stopped there. I relaxed my suspicions a little, this train was, after all, headed for the university district. We boarded at the last door and crossed over to stand against the opposite doors, my wishing to keep a hand on our bags.

As the train pulled out, we both realised that our end and, actually, our side of our end of the carriage was surprisingly busy and crowded with noisy students. B reacted first, pushing abruptly through them to reach some free seats and I followed, guarding my belongings carefully. The students looked surprised and all teamed off at the next stop. At that point, I realised that the zips were open on both B's shoulder bag and my waist bag. Passports were still there but some folded papers beside them were missing. Nothing of value taken but a very close wake-up call.

As our train journey continued and I reflected on our assailants, all I could think of, in a Spanking Writers moment, was the delight I would experience of being permitted to apply suitable corrective measures with all of the young ladies involved. As for the two men, a quick boot up the arse would have to suffice.


  1. Awww poor you having to just settle with imagining it.

    Hope you're having a nice time!


  2. I had that sort of moment *with* Haron and Paul at a Starbuck's in London when my backpack (complete with wallet, ipod and other beloved articles was stolen off my chair as the three of us were having coffee.

    A bad end to an otherwise lovely day. I'm glad they didn't get anything important.

  3. @Mija Sounds like we got off much more lightly than you. And you didn't even benefit from possible fantasy retribution. Since that incident, B has got expert at spotting the ne're do wells, their eyes dart around scanning every passenger, particularly their pockets and bags, even while still on the station platform. She's becoming quite the little detective.