Sunday, October 25, 2009

Losing My Virginity for the Second Time

At least, that's what it felt like.

We decided on a day trip to Sitges. Its just like going out to Greystones on the DART, but with less stops and the last bit of the train journey is really cool, way above the sea like Bray Head. We even found out about one naturist beach in a little cove about 5km before Sitges but it seems the trains don't stop there any more since the only landmark is a dirty big cement factory. We debated walking, hitching or a taxi, but in the end settled for one of the naturist beaches in Sitges itself.

Now this is where it started to get difficult. Sitges is a very gay friendly town so there seems to be ordinary (vanilla) beaches, gay beaches, male gay beaches, naturist beaches, and then mixed beaches as in mixed textile/naturist, mixed hetero/gay, mixed hetero/gay/naturist/textile, male gay mixed naturist/textile ..... you get the picture.

We decided against the inappropriately named Dead Man Beach which was described as male-gay-naturist, and settled for Les Balmins which seemed to be all inclusive kind of mixed everything and within walking distance of the town centre, bars etc. It turned out to be fairly male gay naturist anyway, but this is Sitges.

Other extras to our previous foray was that B did succumb to the offers of a passing Chinese masseuse and I surprised myself by lacking any embarassment when I rolled over onto my back to instinctively dig into my non existent pockets to pay the girl, forgetting by then that my trousers were on a rock rather than on me.

After swimming, B, at my instruction, joined the promenaders at the waters edge and I detected a definite animated reaction from one woman to her male partner after they passed her which I am sure was triggered by B's recent jewellery - I'm so proud of my girl.

Out of season Sitges was really nice. Fell asleep after an excellent tapas lunch listening to two young lads jamming guitars "St├ęphane Grappelli" style who weren't even collecting money, just enjoying themselves.

It was a good week in Barcelona, although the Museum of Erotica in our out of date guidebook seems to have gone out of business. Plenty of sun, nice food, exhibitionist boundaries broken down some more and we've discovered how good siesta time is for kinky play :) :)


  1. Glad you braved another day of it :)

  2. Yes it was cool - i mean, it was very warm by our standards!
    Sunshine on my skin and i opened like a flower...we need this!
    bandree, your natural companion.