Saturday, March 20, 2010

Does This Make Me a Switch?

Recently, I paid money to a girl to hurt me.

We met at the appointed time. She was probably half my age, and smaller than me, but she carried herself with a confident authority. We had a discussion in which we agreed that this relationship involved invasion of personal space (mine), and power (hers) to inflict physical discomfort. We also agreed a safeword and when I, in an attempt to ease the mood, said I might thump her if she hurt me too much, she replied that I wasn't the first client to make such a threat.

At one stage in the proceedings, she permitted me to hold one of her toys and use it, if I wished, to apply a counter irritant. This, surprisingly, worked but she didn't allow me this release for long.

When we were finished, I felt cleansed and refreshed. I can now see why subs experience a sense of well being after play.

Before I left, I made a next appointment with my Dental Hygienist.


  1. Maybe not a switch, but enjoying anything to do with the dentist makes you at least a lil bit of a masochist. Or possibly insane.

  2. I don't recall saying anything about enjoyment.


    You really got me!

  4. dublinswitch10/4/10 10:51

    Brilliant post!

    I remember the first time I tried contact lenses my eyes were dripping with tears, and the rather cute optician turned around to me and said 'I love to see grown men cry, its why I took this job'.

    Having said that - if you enjoy going to the dentist, you are insane and not a switch!