Sunday, February 7, 2010

M&S Do S&M

"Mark my words, she'll be biting that pillow before she's finished."

With those words, my Bandree greeted the bedding material display in our local Marks & Spencer store.

For some reason, my brain had been in pervertible mode all day. Only half an our earlier, we had encountered a mobile domestic discipline service.

The environment was somewhat noisy, so there was no way of telling whether the operative was making a service call at the request of some exasperated master, or was just having a lunch break.

Back at M&S, we circled the bedding display, amazed at how a kinky context can be missed by so many. Hell, I even had to wait 10 mins to take the pictures because a tired shopper plomped her behind down only inches from this one.

If you study the picture below, you can even visualise another bottom underneath HER hand. The outcome of all this was that I made an unplanned purchase in M&S. Not any bedding, you understand, just a lovely wide leather strap from the Men's outfitters section next door.

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