Friday, January 1, 2010

Political Power

I am unashamedly reposting a photograph which Vivian (Disciplined Feminist) posted a few months ago.

(You should click picture to view a larger image, its much more powerful)

She found it on the official White House photographic collection web site, and it's still there. The other pictures also include some excellently composed images and its nice to see the current White House residents employing good photographers and publishing their work.

The more I have looked at this picture, the more there is to see. What's with the belt buckle at the back of the skirt? Quite difficult to do up or undo without help, I would have thought.

The image of schoolgirl awaiting interview with headmaster is overwheleming.

There again, others might see a teacher patiently watching an offending student writing lines or completing some other assignment.

Whatever way you view it, this picture conveys a highly charged atmosphere of authority, just what we should expect from inside a political powerhouse such as the White House.

Political power, after all, is all about controlling, and being controlled by, people.


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