Monday, May 25, 2009

Still in Awe

48 hours on from the events described in my first post and I am still a bit dizzy and in mental overdrive.

Our only previous experience of any kind of public presence for this kind of scene were two visits a year ago to the London Fetish Fair. Despite feeling safely far from home walking up a street in north London (it was at Shillibeers at the time), we were quite uncomfortable walking in on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Its at moments like that when you suddenly recall that no visit to London is ever complete without meeting a neighbor or workmate from Dublin. Despite the LFF really being not much more than a collection of stalls, I'm afraid it was heads down and get a pint in our hands to cautiously peer over the top of. The first sight of a sub being obviously led by their master, or of a fairly deliberate flash of knicker lace, had the pair of us diving back into our glasses and going so natively English as to stare intently into each others faces and earnestly discuss the weather.

Roll on a year, with no public manifestation of our kink, and we find ourselves once again in a strange setting, clasping plastic glasses (which don't take to being squeezed comfortingly). Thank you F for some refreshingly ordinary words of welcome like any bloke you'd meet in any ordinary bar, but I have no recollection of what I said, my mind was so divided between my mouth and my surroundings.

But .....

just an hour later, I walk up to the cloakroom, show my ticket to the girl and request the bag I left in when we arrived. I dig down into it, calmly remove a high leather collar and a length of chain. I hand the bag back with a friendly relaxed "Thanks". I turn to B, gently raise her chin and secure the collar in place. I remove a carbinier clip from my belt, click it smoothly onto one of the collar D-rings and latch the chain on. This has all been done without any verbal exchange between us.

Finally, I click the other end of the chain to the free carbinier clip on my belt, between the ones holding the leather flogger and the two tail tawse. I turn on my heel and walk away from the cloakroom and across the floor, B following a chain length behind me.

The last time I saw a couple do this, we were both too embarrassed to watch. Now I am proudly parading my beautifully submissive wife in front of the most appreciative audience in Ireland. What a transformation!

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  1. B is a very lucky lady!
    Good to see you on blog, it's always interesting to hear a man's view. Welcome aboard!